David Krumholtz Night of the Living Deb

David Krumholtz, star of film, TV and stage, has joined the cast of Night of the Living Deb in a major role. Known for his starring role as math genius Charlie Eppes in the long-running CBS hit series Numb3rs, Krumholtz’s credits include countless other standout roles in such films as Ray, Superbad, all three Harold & Kumar movies, The Santa Clause (1 & 2)and This Is the End (in which he played himself alongside Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill et al).


The announcement was made at last night’s mid-campaign zombie party by Michael Cassidy, who currently works with Krumholtz on the TBS show Men at Work.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have Dave joining us for this film,” Cassidy said following the announcement. “He works constantly, with some of the biggest names in the industry, so to have him say yes to this was a huge vote of confidence for the whole project. One look at the script, and he said ‘I’m in.’”

Welcome aboard, David! We’re honored to have you.

80% of the Time, It Works Every Time: Cold Hard Facts from Kickstarter

Kickstarter lore tells us that when a campaign – be it for an indie movie, a board game about wizards or a bigwheel for adults – reaches 20% of its funding goal, it ends up being successful 80% of the time. That sounds pretty promising, especially with Night of the Living Deb sitting at 26% funded.

Of course, we all know the old chestnut about how stats are only accurate 57% of the time. In a Copenhagen study last year that had a 63% confidence rating, it was found that 28% of stats are determined by throwing darts at a patent-pending “Stat-Board” made by Hasbro, while 16% of stats are just plain “made up.” Thirty-two percent of statisticians admit to having only 73% confidence in their own figures, and 21% of them confess that they have only a vague notion of what the word stat even stands for.

The point is, let’s keep going!

We’ve come so far with our backers, we’ve all grown to believe in the actuality of this project. And if you think the campaign video is fun, take it from us that the final film is gonna be even better. Oh wait, don’t take it from us – read the beginning of the script here!

If you’ve been thinking about donating and waiting for the right time to jump in, THIS IS IT! Remember if we don’t get to our goal, it doesn’t cost you a dime… it’s basically Monopoly money at this point. But if you DO jump in , others will see that and gain confidence, and you’ll be the spark in a grassroots wildfire of zom-com glory that CANNOT BE CONTAINED!!

Rest assured we’re doing everything in our power to get the word out there: Press releases, posting it to other sites and Facebook pages, doing interviews with podcasts and blogs, partnering with fan clubs, PUTTING ON A BIG-ASS PARTY… pretty much anything we can think of, day and night, to get this thing funded and get you your awesome rewards, not to mention a finished movie which will travel to festivals with your name on it!

Be on the right side of history. Be able to tell your friends, “I was there when it all began.” Be an American… or a [insert other zom-com-friendly nationality here]. But be a part of it. With us. And with the 120+ other backers, who have joined our hardworking, so-far-completely-unpaid cast and crew in a pledge to make this vision a reality.

For reals.

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