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80% of the Time, It Works Every Time: Cold Hard Facts from Kickstarter

Kickstarter lore tells us that when a campaign – be it for an indie movie, a board game about wizards or a bigwheel for adults – reaches 20% of its funding goal, it ends up being successful 80% of the time. That sounds pretty promising, especially with Night of the Living Deb sitting at 26% funded.

Of course, we all know the old chestnut about how stats are only accurate 57% of the time. In a Copenhagen study last year that had a 63% confidence rating, it was found that 28% of stats are determined by throwing darts at a patent-pending “Stat-Board” made by Hasbro, while 16% of stats are just plain “made up.” Thirty-two percent of statisticians admit to having only 73% confidence in their own figures, and 21% of them confess that they have only a vague notion of what the word stat even stands for.

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