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Deb Sees $55K in the Rear-View; 8 Days Left to Raise $44K

Thanks to our kick-ass fans and 297 backers, we have plowed over the $55,000 mark. A week from tomorrow, the clock runs out on this crazy-fun campaign, at which point we hope to report being fully funded… because if you liked the Kickstarter video, frankly we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for the feature. Benoit Grenier will find out soon, after upping his pledge $1400 Monday to win the autographed copy of our full script.

We’ll have another very fun video update coming soon for our backers… be sure you’re on board to find out what happened AFTER Ray Wise met up with those zombies outside Kyle’s house. Whatever you can do to help us make it to the finish line and spread the word, we think you’ll find the finished product well worth it! Much love to all our partners and backers… onward to $60K!

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