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Maria Thayer To Bring Deb to Life; Production Starts in June

But what we’re really excited about is that we’ve found our Deb! We’re excited to welcome to our cast the phenomenally talented Maria Thayer, whom you’ll recognize from such comedic hits as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Accepted, Hitch, New Girl and Strangers with Candy. She brings a lovable awkwardness to the role that is very Deb-like; we’re grateful and proud to have her as our lead.

Also new for us is the addition of a crowdfunding page on our website! Some fans, friends and family have asked about how they can help out now that the Kickstarter is over… so we came up with this option. It’s a lot less restrictive than KS, so you can donate any amount at any time. But for those who like rewards with their pledges, you can also use it to pre-purchase the DVD or BluRay of the movie, OR attend our kickass wrap party in Portland July 3rd.

Any funds gathered here will just help us make the movie that much better… lights, sound, props, locations, etc. We’ve got some amazing talent on board (including Tom Ackerman as Director of Photography!), so we want to do everyone justice by getting as many dollars up on the screen as possible!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us in this journey. We’ll be posting updates from set as time allows. See you in Maine!

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