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Why Is Michael Cassidy So Absurdly Lovable?

Since watching the Kickstarter video for Night of the Living Deb, many of you have asked: “Who is this Michael Cassidy, and why do I suddenly want him to marry me / marry my daughter / marry my son / join my fantasy hockey league?” Well, we’re here to tell you why, in no uncertain terms.

Michael Cassidy simply is that lovable. Now, we know what you’re saying: “But on his IMDB page, he looks like a teenage Superman with long hair.” Well, there’s a reason for that. He originally came to Hollywood 10 years ago to audition for Superman Returns… and though he dodged a bullet (or maybe it bounced off him, heh) by not getting the part in that hot mess of a film, he has worked so steadily since then, he just hasn’t had time to update his IMDB photo. Can you blame him? Even so, read on.

After making a splash as Summer’s love interest Zach Stevens on The OC, Michael became a regular on Smallville and went on to work steadily on such shows as Privileged, Happy Endings, Scandal and Masters of Sex... as well as landing roles in films like the Oscar-winning Argo and non-Oscar-winning The Guilt Trip with Seth Rogen.

Currently Michael stars on the hit TBS show Men at Work, in which he plays the lovably (what else?) oblivious Tyler – Danny Masterson’s character’s best friend and coworker.

In addition to being immensely talented, in real life Michael is a super-nice guy, disarmingly smart, funny, down to earth and a loving father… yeah, we don’t know how he’s making it in Hollywood either.

But YOU might get to find out, very soon. Stay tuned for kind of a big announcement….

UPDATE: Here’s that big announcement! You can MEET Michael Cassidy, along with Ray Wise and director Kyle Rankin, at the Deb party in West Hollywood Thursday, March 20!

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