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Why Pledge to a Kickstarter Campaign? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Why should I foot the bill for someone else’s project? Like you, most of us on Team Deb have pondered this same question. Can’t they just shell out the bucks themselves? They have rich actors on board, for cryin’ out loud… why don’t THEY fund the movie?

The simple truth is, as awkward as a Kickstarter campaign drive might be, asking actors or crew to fund a movie they are about to work on (for little or no pay) is even more strange. These guys and gals are already giving their time and considerable talents to something that normally would be a paying gig. For nothing. They’re doing it because they believe in the project and really want it to happen. To ask them to actually finance the movie, on top of that, is just not feasible. Imagine if you walked into a job interview and they said, “We love you, you’re hired! It’ll only cost you $50,000 a year to work here!”

Yes, we know, these very words have probably been spoken to many a CAA intern candidate. But in the regular world, once you have established yourself in your field, you normally get paid for your services, instead of paying someone else for the privilege of providing them. So the actors are out.

What about the filmmakers? Believe it or not, we’re not a bunch of Zach Braffs over here at the ol’ Deb compound. Like many of you, we have car payments, mortgages, day jobs… even kids! We simply don’t have the finances to foot the bill for an entire movie production ourselves. To be brutally honest, the movie might not make its money back. It happens! A lot.

That’s why we’ve all contributed to other Kickstarter projects ourselves. We understand that our $50, or whatever we can afford, is something we’re willing to “lose” – even though we don’t really lose it, because we cash in on those sweet rewards – whereas $100,000 (or even $99k) is too much for ANYONE to lose. At least, anyone we know.

So as our campaign winds down to its final days, with nearly $60,000 of our $99,000 film funded, we thought we might do a little cost-benefit analysis to help you decide if pledging to this project is right for you.

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